Northern Lights Necklace


Fun fact: Northern lights are created when charged particles from sunspots attracted to the magnetic north pole interact with gases in Earth’s atmosphere and light up the night sky with color. Stitched with hints of color-shifting metallic thread to capture light like the night sky.

  • Necklace includes a 1-inch pendant on an 18-inch chain.

more info:

this listing is made-to-order by me personally. it may take 2 or more weeks for your order to ship.
100% stainless steel findings and charms. stainless steel is hypoallergenic for most.
every hand-stitched piece will be unique. yours may look slightly different than the photos.

how to care for embroidered jewelry

prevent snags by storing away from other jewelry or sharp items

gently remove dust/lint with a lint roller or weak tape

to clean: rinse with warm water. do not scrub stitching. only disinfect metal areas.