follow these instructions to preserve the stitching, color, and shine of your embroidered jewelry

all of my jewelry is completely hand stitched, assembled, and packaged personally by me

minor variations in shape, symmetry, pattern, and color distribution will be present in every piece.


While water alone will not harm your jewelry, I do not recommend prolonged soaking or wearing embroidered jewelry while showering or swimming. Saline solution (as used for piercing aftercare) is completely safe, but avoid contact with fabric areas if disinfecting earring hooks with alcohol-based solutions such as rubbing alcohol or peroxide.

Please note that the fabric areas of the jewelry can stain. Rinse stains as soon as possible with warm water. Gently hand wash (do NOT scrub) with a mild, color-safe soap or stain remover if needed, but note that this can reduce the luster of the thread.

I recommend storing embroidered jewelry in a separate, closed container away from dust and residue. Do not store in a container with other jewelry and sharp objects to avoid catching and pulling the thread. Snags cannot be repaired. Do not use your fingers or fingernails to remove lint - instead use a lint roller to gently dust if needed. Avoid using dryer sheets, fabric softener, starch, bleach or other laundry maintenance products to preserve the rich color and smooth, shiny finish on the thread.

stainless steel

All of my jewelry findings and charms are 100% stainless steel. Golden or rainbow colored findings and charms are not coated, the stainless steel has been heated and placed in a vacuum to change the color of the metal. The color will not scratch, chip, or fade.

Stainless steel is considered hypoallergenic for most. However, some people with true nickel allergies that are particularly sensitive may react to trace amounts of nickel in stainless steel. Please consult your doctor if you have questions about what metals are safest for you.

if you have any questions, please reach out!

You can reach me via the form on my contact me page below, or by DMing me on Twitter or Instagram, which are linked at the very bottom of the page.